all artwork shown above is by Mary Knoblock

Art Demonstrations and Interviews with Artists

  In her demonstration of "Salzburg III", Margot Schulzke discusses materials, colors, and techniques of pastel.

Thelma Davis demonstrates the steps involved in creating "Pink Iris", from preparing the support to glazing techniques and softening of edges.

Anita Wolff, an American Impressionist who has a love for vibrant color, describes in her pastel demonstration how she captures the feel of a sunny spring morning.

Betsy M. Kellum, a national and international award-winning artist, explains the step-by-step process she uses to create her pastel paintings.

Sheila Giddens shares her experience with the process of Raku, a Japanese inspired method for firing clay, and shows us some of her delightful creations.

Deborah Whitehouse travels across the country capturing scenes of nightlife in a photographic series that began in New York in 1988, titled "Saturday Night".

Anne Cox combines society's discarded debris to create expressive and symbolic assemblages of our culture's pressures, desires, and beliefs.

Annie Greene paints with yarn to create delightfully colorful genre scenes of childhood memories. Her works warm the heart and put smiles on the faces of all who see them.

Bill Suttles' technique of combining gouache and pastel creates lively images of vibrant color and expressive strokes.

The subjects in Martha Bator's paintings, having been derived from such diverse locations, have the wonderful ability to stir in the viewer memories of one's own travels.

Maggie Price, editor and co-founder of The Pastel Journal, discusses the art materials used and steps involved in creating a coastal landscape painting.

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