"Vivid, Versatile Colored Pencil"
April 20-22, 2018 (9:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.)
Manhasset (Long Island), NY
Explore the fascinating range of colored pencils, both "dry" and water soluble. Kristy, a seasoned workshop instructor and author, has taught nationwide. She brings an enthusiasm for the medium and fosters a pleasant, supportive, informative classroom atmosphere. Enjoy frequent demonstrations, plenty of one-on-one time, and an abundance of samples: pencils, papers, boards, blenders. Come and explore the ever-expanding potential of colored pencil in an inviting, historic art center! Cost: $350, or $375 for non-members.
Contact Susan Herbst; 516-304-5797; or visit www.TheArtGuild.org


"Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil"
June 11-14, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.)
Grand Marais, MN
This workshop focuses on "painting from a point", using a variety of pencils and surfaces to create dynamic paintings. Products include: waxy/oily colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and wax pastels. Surfaces include papers, boards, even sanded papers. Featuring an abundance of colored pencils and materials, this workshop is full to the brim, with demonstrations and techniques that are sure to increase your repertoire. Kristy is a supportive, experienced instructor, the author of Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil and The New Colored Pencil. She is also the featured artist on 4 instructional DVDs. Grand Marais is located on the north shore of Lake Superior- ideal for a summer getaway. Some drawing experience preferred.
Contact Ruth Pszwaro; 218-387-2737; or visit www.grandmaraisartcolony.org


"Lush and Lively Colored Pencil"
July 10-13, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.)
Newport, OR
The majestic Oregon coast is calling! Kristy Kutch, author and longtime workshop instructor, invites you for four fascinating days, exploring the remarkable range of colored pencil techniques. Waxy/oily and water soluble colored pencils, plus watercolor crayons, will be featured, even combining them for "painterly" results. Giving frequent demonstrations, Kristy acquaints students with an abundance of related materials. Students receive a generous supply of products, including new items on the art scene. Classes are held (ocean-view classroom) at Newport Visual Arts Center. (Contact Kristy to register, not the Visual Arts Center.) Kristy Kutch is the author of the books Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil and The New Colored Pencil, as well as 4 instructional DVDs.
Contact Kristy Kutch; 219-874-4688


"Wet or Dry: the Amazing Range of the Colored Pencil"
July 18-19, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.)
Astoria, OR
You are invited to scenic, historic Astoria, Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean! Learn from Kristy Kutch, refining colored pencil techniques. Both waxy/oily and water soluble colored pencils are featured, even combining the two types of pencils for "painterly" results. Offering frequent demonstrations, Kristy acquaints students with a surprising variety of materials which are colored pencil compatible. Each student receives a generous supply of take-home products, including new additions to the art scene. Classes are held at Astoria Art Loft, directly above a wonderful art-supply store. Kristy Kutch is the author of the books Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil and The New Colored Pencil, plus 4 instructional DVDs.
Contact AstoriaArtLoft@gmail.com; 503-791-8444 or 503-338-6174; or visit www.astoriaartloft.com


"Colored Pencil: Vivid and Versatile"
October 1-3, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., Eastern Time)
Donaldson (near Plymouth), IN
Explore colored pencil potential- both traditional (non-watercolor) and watercolor pencils. Kristy Kutch, author of Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil and The New Colored Pencil, is also featured in four instructional DVDs. She brings a wealth of experience and a friendly, supportive attitude that bolsters everyone- beginner to veteran. Kristy guides students through many techniques, with frequent demonstrations and access to large demonstrator sets of pencils. Come prepared to take home plenty of samples and goodies, too! This workshop will be held in a peaceful country studio setting with a small group (maximum 12). Students wishing to stay on-site should inquire about lodging at the nearby Lindenwood Retreat Center. Daily lunches are included in the price of the workshop.
Contact Jan Kostielney; 574-935-1712; or visit www.moontreestudios.org


"Exploring Colored Pencil Potential"
November 8-10, 2018 (9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.)
Springfield (near Eugene), OR
Expand upon the "pointed potential" of colored pencil! Kristy Kutch, author of Drawing and Painting with Colored Pencil, The New Colored Pencil, and the artist in 4 instructional DVDs, has taught over 200 colored pencil workshops. She provides an informative, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere. Waxy "traditional" and water soluble pencils will be included, with fascinating "painterly" techniques for both types of pencils. Water soluble wax pastels, often called "watercolor crayons", will also be featured. Explore a range of compatible papers and boards- supplied as free samples- which lend themselves beautifully to this dynamic medium. There will be demonstrations, individual attention, many materials to sample, and a generous cache of take-home supplies for each student.
Contact Patti Slaten; 541-726-8595; or visit www.emeraldartcenter.org

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