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"With large flat brushes and plenty of water I approach the paper in slam-bang initial washes, and end with the caress of a butterfly wing. Fused into the paint is my delight as qualities and relations emerge from the process. Thus, a new reality is re-created which began with observation but goes beyond what is to what ought to be."

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Boat Wrights

The Monheghan

Mendocino Fence

Turbott's Creek

Lover's Point

Edge of the City

Hilltop Farm

Place of Worship

Faust Marina

Noon News

Naomi Bridge

Wilson Mill

Public Wharf

Les Eboulements



San Miguel

Beach Combers


Recent awards to Frank Webb include:
First award at Pittsburgh Waterworks, Combined Donors Award at the National Watercolor Society International, Baltimore Watercolor Society Award at Pittsburgh Aqueous International and Silver Medal at the Audubon Annual.

Frank Webb  
5 Grandview Ave., Apt. 401
Pittsburgh, PA 15211
Phone: 412-488-9988

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