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"3-Day Outdoor Painting Workshop"
October 24-26, 2019

A 3-day workshop designed for intermediate to advanced painters working in oils, pastels or acrylics that will help you strengthened your current abilities, and will focus on the importance of Value, Color, Design and Concept. Marc works with each individual student at their own level and spends a lot of time with each student at their easel, giving individual instruction. Concentration will be spent studying the basic elements of painting...Drawing, Value, Color, Edges and Design...with Concept being explored at length. Demonstrations will be in oil.
Location: St Simons Island, Georgia
Instructor: Marc Hanson
Cost: $ 625.
Sponsor: Anderson Fine Art Gallery
Website, email, 912.634.8414

"Abstract Landscape Using Oil, Cold Wax Medium & Mixed Media Studio"
November 7-9, 2019

This workshop will cover two main topics: Pushing toward Abstraction in one’s artwork as a way of loosening up, as well as using a variety of tools, techniques, and mediums. Experimenting with Cold Wax Medium as an addition to oil paint will be covered as a way to add texture, layering and mark making. Using all the basics of landscape painting as a foundation toward abstraction will be heavily discussed. Adding a variety of tools and Cold Wax Medium in order to achieve beyond the basics while allowing exploring new directions in their own artwork.
Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia
Instructor: Chris Groves
Cost: $ 550.
Sponsor: Anderson Fine Art Gallery
Website, email, 912.634.8414

"Advanced Abstraction - 4-Day Workshop"
November 13-16, 2019

Larry will show you a system that is designed to inspire growth, allow you to focus on the components of art making that are important to you and guide you towards your authentic voice as an artist. The exercises are designed to make you work in a way that is new to you so that your brain will reroute and solve problems in a new way. It’s an exciting class and you'll be amazed at what comes out of it. Larry has written a book about the creative process called Fishing for Elephants. Insights and exercises to inspire authentic creativity.
Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia
Instructor: Larry Moore
Cost: $ 575.
Sponsor: Anderson Fine Art Gallery
Website, email, 912.634.8414

"Fundamental Art Skills"
Monday - Friday - year round

Sherry Egger has a background in graphic art and has experience in a variety of mediums. Her work has been featured in The Colored Pencil Magazine and she was selected to do a technique demonstration article for this magazine in 2015. A popular instructor, she is comfortable with many different artistic mediums and her classes consist of not only pencilists but also those who paint in oil and acrylic. Her emphasis on fundamentals, values, and strong contrast bring both beginning artists as well as those who have been painting for years. Creativity is her strong suit and she is constantly experimenting with new techniques, new concepts and different mediums. Sherry instructs weekly classes at Anderson Gallery’s - Artist's Annex.
Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia
Instructor: Sherry Egger
Cost: $40.
Sponsor: Anderson Fine Art Gallery
Website, email, 912.506.2982


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