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"Bringing Animals to Life with Bill Suys"
September 24-27, 2019

Bringing an animal to life is both joyful and powerful. Through demonstrations, examples, and individual attention, this 4-day workshop will enhance each student’s ability to develop and execute paintings that will bring animals to ‘life’ while also building form, structure and surface. Regardless of current level of expertise, participants will leave with a better awareness and understanding of painting in general, along with a deeper appreciation of ways to breathe spirit and personality into the characters that populate their paintings. Bill will address keys to both artistic and technical growth that will apply to all facets of one’s work, improving the result while bringing greater joy and depth to the process. 9:00am - 4:00pm (Tuesday through Friday)
Location: Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Instructor: Bill Suys
Cost: $525
Sponsor: Sweetwater Center for the Arts
Website, email, 412-741-4405


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