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"Learn the secrets of abstract painting in Tuscany Italy"
October 13-23, 2019

I am thrilled to return for another trip to Italy where we will be pampered, inspired, wined and dined in true Italian hospitality. We begin our journey exploring the hills of Lucca and our beautifully restored farmhouse. Your interaction with your surroundings will influence the colors and textures in your paintings. The mystery evolves with collage layering techniques and veiling using acrylic mediums. I will share with you my formulas and techniques for creating textures and building layers. We will also incorporate local materials into our mixed media work and maybe even add a transfer. You will learn innovative painting techniques, but more importantly you will learn fresh new ways to see!
Location: Lucca, Italy
Instructor: Sandra Duran Wilson
Cost: $3,599
Sponsor: Follow Your Senses in Tuscany
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