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"Awakening Your Creative Soul in Costa Rica"
November 9-16, 2019

I invite you to join me on this beautiful, inspiring and nurturing adventure for awakening your creative soul. We will have the entire Ahki Resort near Nosara for our small group. A true retreat destination, intentionally created for group work to support your overall body, mind & soul. We will work with art, music, movement and inquiry to nurture your creative spirit. “Your art will be found in the hidden corners and crevices of your soul. It won’t hit you over the head, it will whisper your name. Learn to listen and see with fresh eyes. Expand your perceptions and invite your muse to join you in a grand adventure.” -excerpt taken from Awakening Your Creative Soul by Sandra Duran Wilson.
Location: Nosara, Costa Rica
Instructor: Sandra Duran Wilson
Cost: $2,995
Sponsor: Ahki Retreat
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