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"Learn to paint on Thursday nights in my studio"
Thursdays in 2019

Every Thursday, I’m opening up my studio from 6 to 9 p.m. to students who wish to develop their oil painting skills, work with me side by side, and enjoy themselves for a few hours. Students are expected to bring their own supplies and have a basic knowledge of oil painting. The minimum age to participate is 14 and there is a maximum of five students per session. We’ll build a learning experience based on camaraderie and a shared purpose. I’ll lead and teach—but there is always the possibility of learning from other members of the group as we experience a coming together of like-minded souls.
Location: Stanfordville, New York
Instructor: Nadine Robbins
Cost: $100 for 3 hours
Sponsor: Nadine Robbins Art
Website, email, 845-233-0082


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