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"Ink, Graphite, Charcoal, Carbon & Color Workshop Encaustic Monotype"
July 21, 2019 10 am-4 pm

This class is full of informative and fun exercises designed to help you create outside of your habitual ways of working. It provides the opportunity through lectures and demonstrations for artistic growth and personal advancement. Subject, form and content is discussed as a group and on an individual basis allowing each artist to find their own voice. To begin, we explore the line, contour line, negative space, through a series of directed exercises using ink, graphite, charcoal, and carbon. Then we will look and discuss the power of color and how it can add value to your composition and or artwork. Open to artists at all levels. At registration mention code: MoEA for a $25 discount.
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Instructor: Jorge Luis Bernal
Cost: $225.00
Sponsor: Encaustic Art Institute
Website, email, 505-989-3283


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