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"Oil Painting for Beginners"
June 24-27, 2019

Immerse yourself in the world of oil painting, and gain confidence in the medium. Learn how to interpret what you see and transfer that information to canvas to create paintings that are seemingly real and aesthetically sound. Topics will also include basic color theory and compositional strategies. Throughout the week you will complete a series of still life paintings each focused on a different skill and goal, including paint mixing and application, seeing and translating color, solving compositional issues, and more. Demonstrations and discussions will introduce you to each concept, and Trina will provide feedback throughout the process. Though you will be working with the still life, this workshop will benefit any genre or style of painting.
Location: Fish Creek, Wisconsin
Instructor: Trina May Smith,
Cost: Members: $450, Non-Members: $490
Sponsor: Peninsula School of Art
Website, email, (920) 868-3455

"Watercolor Still Life with Flowers"
August 3, 2019

For beginner or experienced watercolor painters, this class will focus on building form, choosing colors that harmonize, as well as painting shadows and backgrounds. Students will bring objects that they are interested in painting, and can make simple attainable compositions with fruit and vegetables, or challenge themselves with crystal and silver. Tips on painting flowers, vases, and water will be included.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Dawn Flores
Cost: $95
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292

"Painting with Magic - Alcohol Inks (Florals)"
August 24, 2019

Come and explore the extraordinary world of alcohol ink! Prepare to experience creating with a medium like no other you've ever painted with before. With its vibrant colors, beautiful unpredictable personality, stunning moves and "oh wow" moments, ready yourself to be mesmerized, amazed, probably stunned, and just plain happy when painting with these inks. With your materials fee you'll receive a variety of alcohol ink colors, substrates, and various tools that can all be used to create more paintings when you get home. You'll take home at least three completed masterpieces on Corian – yes, the countertop material! It's a beautiful material to paint on.
Location: Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Instructor: Denise Johnson
Cost: $150
Sponsor: Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Website, email, (608) 987-3292


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