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"Introduction to Plein Air Painting in Oil"
May 11-12, 2019

The qualities of fugitive light and shifting atmospheric conditions in the landscape make “plein air” the most challenging type of painting. The need to work quickly requires that the technique and approach adopted be distinct from studio painting. This short workshop will focus on the formal elements of spatial construction in a carefully observed landscape. Students will be shown how to analyze natural space in terms of light (value) and air (atmospheric perspective). The technical method introduced will derive from the 18th century open air tradition in the sequence of paint application and use of paper as a surface, but will stress contemporary abstract principles of color contrasts to create form and space within a composition.
Location: New York, New York
Instructor: Maddine Insalaco & Joe Vinson
Cost: $290
Sponsor: Art Students League of New York
Website, email, 212-247-4510

"Learn to paint on Thursday nights in my studio"
Thursdays in 2019

Every Thursday, I’m opening up my studio from 6 to 9 p.m. to students who wish to develop their oil painting skills, work with me side by side, and enjoy themselves for a few hours. Students are expected to bring their own supplies and have a basic knowledge of oil painting. The minimum age to participate is 14 and there is a maximum of five students per session. We’ll build a learning experience based on camaraderie and a shared purpose. I’ll lead and teach—but there is always the possibility of learning from other members of the group as we experience a coming together of like-minded souls.
Location: Stanfordville, New York
Instructor: Nadine Robbins
Cost: $100 for 3 hours
Sponsor: Nadine Robbins Art
Website, email, 845-233-0082


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