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"Magical Oil Portraits"
September 28, 2018

The method I teach is classified as "alla prima" or “wet on wet”. We will use reference photos of portraits, prepare substrate, and create overall strokes to plan the face and fill in details in a manner that captures the essence of the face. Though we will use our intuition, this is more of a technical class where we observe deeply, measure accurately, and apply strokes of paint that are true to the colors and values of our subjects. We will discuss concepts of realism, while aiming for magical realism, where we look within to make adjustments to the paint that we transfer from our brushes to our substrates, to make real, the vision of what we are painting.
Location: Denver, Colorado
Instructor: Jenny Doh
Cost: $240-$270
Sponsor: Art Makers Denver
Website, email, 303-263-6963


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