all artwork shown above is by Mary Knoblock

Art Demonstrations and Interviews with Artists

  Georgiana Cray Bart discusses composition and color application in her demonstration of "Green Still Life".

Jason Morgan teaches you how to capture a sense of depth and form in your oil paintings by using thin layers of paint or glazes.

Pastelist L. Diane Johnson gives helpful advice to those working from photos, pointing out compositional possibilities and providing effective solutions.

Follow along as Clark Mitchell's landscape, "Au Parc", evolves from simplified shapes and values into a beautiful sunlit afternoon in Golden Gate Park.

In her demonstration of "The Violinists", Jerry Hunsinger explains the materials, colors, and techniques she uses to create her award-winning portraits in pastel.

Watercolorist Sue Dickinson gives tips for applying masking fluid, creating darks, dealing with two-dimensional perspective, and anchoring the subject to the background.

Barbara Newton shares techniques such as grisaille, juxtapositioning of colors, and preserving the white of the paper as she demonstrates the process of painting with colored pencils.

Kristy Kutch, artist and instructor, shares an informative step-by-step demonstration of colored pencil techniques using the beautiful poppy flower as her inspiration.

Artist and teacher L. Diane Johnson describes the steps involved in her acrylic painting "From My Window".

Distinguished Pastelist Marbo Barnard shares how she developed her pastel painting "Silk Kimono Series V".

Learn printmaking techniques from Walter Ehrismann, Swiss painter and printmaker, as he discusses dry point, etching, and the aquatint process.

Joyce Nagel writes about how she developed six commissioned pastel paintings of the Chicago River site buildings for Northwestern University Hospital.

With a keen eye for design and color, workshop instructor Liz Fluehr guides you through each step as she creates one of her very colorful and appealing floral watercolors.

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