all artwork shown above is by Mary Knoblock

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Ceramics for Beginners: Animals & Figures

Ceramicists at any level will be inspired by these simple handbuilding techniques and charming projects for creating incredible works of art.

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The Craft and Art of Clay: A Complete Potter's Handbook

Stunningly beautiful color photographs and detailed instructions for handbuilding techniques and wheel-throwing as well as decorative treatments and glaze applications. If this book doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

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The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing & Firing at Cone 10

John Britt demystifies high-fire glazes with hundreds of glaze recipes and helpful information about the effects of different types of clay and firing conditions on the glazes selected.

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Mastering Raku

Covers all aspects of Raku: clay and glaze selection, forming techniques, and a variety of methods for firing and embellishing.

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Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing

In-depth tutorials guide you through wheel throwing techniques, with very helpful photos along the way.

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Ceramics & Pottery: Techniques, Lessons and Tutorials

Pottery Tips -- This site is a fabulous in-depth resource for learning how to work with clay. You'll find many "How To" articles with photos detailing each step, tips for firing and glazing, videos demonstrating ceramic techniques, and some great clay projects for kids. Get ready to be inspired!

The Art of Pottery Making -- This site features the work of Ken George and covers all the basic steps from preparing the clay to glazing and firing. Techniques for pinch pots, throwing, and painting with clay slip are also shown.

Ceramics Articles -- A great resource from

Pottery Tutorial -- John Hester shows techniques for making Pinch Pots, Coil Pots, Pressed Coil Pots, and Slab Pots. He also demonstrates throwing on the wheel.

Learning to Throw Pots -- Marvin Bartel demonstrates throwing on a potter's wheel and offers tips to prevent problems. Lots of helpful photos.

Clay Times -- Reference articles from Clay Times that cover all aspects of pottery making including Forming Techniques, Glazing, Health and Safety, Marketing and Business, and Studio Maintenance.

Glaze Teach -- Introduces basic principals of ceramic glaze technology.

InterGlaze -- InterGlaze is an interactive glaze analysis program by Gary Wang.

Ceramic Arts Education -- A wealth of ceramic resources: clay and glaze recipes, how-to videos, charts, handouts, and many useful tips for throwing, handbuilding, firing, and glazing. You'll even find lesson plans for students.

CeramicsWeb -- Richard Burkett has compiled an extensive amount of ceramics information: databases of glaze recipes and material analyses, links to other ceramics web sites, health and safety information, and a variety of educational materials related to ceramics.

Ceramics Articles -- has gathered a collection of articles about ceramics history, recent technologies, and tips and tutorials.

Polymer Clay -- Learn about polymer clay - how to form it, fire it, finish it, store it, and more.

The Raku Process -- Sheila Giddens shares her experience with the process of Raku, a Japanese method for firing clay.

Magic of Raku Firing -- William K. Turner explains the process of raku firing.

Clay, Why It Acts The Way It Does -- Basic information about clay structure, plasticity, and drying by F. H. Norton.

Flameware -- Ron Propst discusses his flameware clay and glaze research.

Firing in Oxidation to C/4.5.6 -- Val Cushing talks about the advantages of firing in the cone 4-6 range. Includes clay and glaze recipes.

Copper Red Glazes -- Tom Coleman shares his experiences and techniques.

Glaze Recipes -- by some of the potters represented on the Central Clay web site.

Ceramics Resources -- Andrew Werby has compiled an impressive list of resources.

Hazards in Ceramics -- Marvin Bartel gives great advice for avoiding hazards and injuries in the ceramics studio.

Ceramic Articles Database -- Ceramics articles by DigitalFire.

ClayArt Archives -- A well-organized archive of CLAYART (an internet discussion group).

CLAYART -- The internet discussion group mentioned above.

Pottery Pal -- Pottery videos featuring tutorials for techniques such as handbuilding, throwing, working with clay slip, glazing, and firing.

Ceramics Today -- A vast portal of ceramic information.

Ceramic Arts Daily -- Covers a variety of ceramic topics and provides a sampling of articles from Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly.

Paperclay -- Graham Hay, a ceramic artist from Western Australia, shares several resource articles with instructions for working in paperclay.

Carol Rossman Precision Raku -- Jonathan Smith investigates the technical precision and ideas behind the raku ceramics of Carol Rossman.

Answers to Ceramics Questions by Andrew Werby -- Scroll down the page to find the ceramics section.

Old & Antique Pottery -- A great website for collectors of old American Art pottery. Learn about the history and methods of several pottery companies, view examples of their work, and learn to identify their pottery.

Casa de la Cultura in Colima, Colima, Mexico -- A bilingual website showing some of the traditional hand-building techniques used in Colima. The website also includes links to several public collections of Pre-Hispanic Colima ceramics and a list of academic literature on ceramics from the area.

Maintaining A Healthy, Safe Studio -- Daniel Smith, manufacturer and supplier of fine artists' materials, addresses this very important topic.