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Landscape Meditations

Beautiful images and inpirational writing. This is not your standard how-to book of techniques, but rather an effective impetus that will awaken your desire to paint or rekindle your passion for it.

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Pastel Painting Atelier: Essential Lessons in Techniques, Practices, and Materials

Exquisite pastel portraits fill the pages of this delightful book by Ellen Eagle, an instructor of pastel painting at The Art Students League of New York.

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All About Techniques in Pastel

Pastel techniques and helpful instructions for color mixing, blending pastels, and combining pastel with water and alcohol to further extend the applications of the medium. The book also addresses the challenges of depicting various subjects such as portraits, clouds, and reflections in water, metal and glass.

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Painting the Landscape in Pastel

Discusses how to establish large shapes first, develop a focal point, and capture the illusion of reality through color.

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Pastel Book : Materials and Techniques...

Excellent book on using pastels creatively with other media. 450 color illustrations.

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The Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork
Learn to enhance, protect and preserve your art and photos with archival matting and framing.

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Pastel Techniques, Lessons, Tutorials, and Resources

About Pastels -- The Connecticut Pastel Society provides a general overview of pastels: what they are, how they are used, the history behind them, and how to care for pastel paintings.

Tips & Tricks -- Pastel Artists Canada offers advice on pastel safety, keeping colours vibrant, exhibiting pastels, and more.

Tips & Techniques: Pastel -- Ursula Reese, a member of the Society of Canadian Artists, gives tips and answers questions about dry pastels.

Oil Pastel Painting Tips -- Sarah Theophilus talks about various oil pastel brands and explains how to create textures and fine detail.

Pastel Pratfalls -- Margot Schulzke discusses twelve common mistakes that pastelists make and how to avoid them.

Pastel Painting Demo -- Pastelist Michael Chesley Johnson paints a beautiful landscape that demonstrates how color, value, and detail can be used to effectively lead the eye of the viewer.

Pastel Painting Demo: "The Harmony of Light" -- Diana Randolph uses pastels to capture the magical mood of the sun's rays filtering through the trees.

Pastel Demonstration -- Gerard Mineo creates a wonderful portrait of Robert De Niro, showing each step along the way.

Pastel Demonstration -- Amy Sanders offers a very thorough explanation of the steps involved in creating her coastal painting, "Out on the Open Ocean".

Pastel Demonstration (Portraits) -- Jerry Hunsinger explains the materials, colors, and techniques she uses to create her award-winning portraits.

Pastel Demonstration (Landscape) -- Follow along as Clark Mitchell's landscape, "Au Parc", evolves from simplified shapes and values into a beautiful sunlit afternoon in Golden Gate Park.

Painting with Pastel and Alcohol -- Paul Solomon provides tips on using alcohol with pastels.

Pastel Demonstration -- Joyce Nagel paints the Chicago River site buildings step-by-step.

Online Lessons for Painting with Pastels -- Several artists share step-by-step demonstrations for painting with pastels.

Pastel Demonstration -- Georgiana Cray Bart discusses composition and color application in her demonstration of "Green Still Life".

Pastel Demonstration (Landscape) -- Anita Wolff, an American Impressionist who has a love for vibrant color, describes how she captures the feel of a sunny spring morning.

Sunset in Soft Pastel -- Pastelist L. Diane Johnson gives helpful advice to those working from photos, pointing out compositional possibilities and providing effective solutions.

Quick Sketch Pastel Portrait Demonstration -- by Katherine Sahlin Courtney.

Pastel Demonstration (Still Life) -- Betsy M. Kellum explains the step-by-step process she uses to create her pastel paintings.

Pastel Demonstration -- Distinguished Pastelist Marbo Barnard shares how she developed her pastel painting "Silk Kimono Series V".

Combining Gouache and Pastel -- Bill Suttles' technique of combining gouache and pastel creates lively images of vibrant color and expressive strokes.

Pastel Demonstration -- In her demonstration of "Salzburg III", Margot Schulzke discusses materials, colors, and techniques of pastel.

Demonstration of a Floral -- Thelma Davis demonstrates the steps involved in creating "Pink Iris", from preparing the support to glazing techniques and softening of edges.

Pastel Demonstrations by Jim Few -- This site includes step by step demos of pastel paintings plus a plein air pastel page and an essay on pastels.

Using Pastels -- Bob Davies provides a series of articles to help you better understand the different types of pastels, blending tools, fixatives, and pastel papers that are available.

Care and Framing of Pastels -- McBride Gallery gives advice on how to frame pastels.

FAQ's about Oil Pastels -- by John Elliot

Oil Pastel Demonstration -- Carly Clements shares her techniques for using oil pastels as she creates a landscape painting.

Coastal Landscape Painting -- by Maggie Price, co-founder of The Pastel Journal, a national art magazine for pastel artists.

Making Professional Pastels -- Paul deMarrais shows how to create your own pastels and expand your color options.

Deterioration of Artists' Papers: Causes and Prevention -- A very informative article for artists and collectors alike. Provided by Daniel Smith, manufacturer and supplier of fine artists' materials.

Paper and pH -- Daniel Smith explains the terms often used to describe a paper's acidity.

Useful Paper Terms -- Daniel Smith explains the terms used to describe paper and its various characteristics.

Maintaining A Healthy, Safe Studio -- Daniel Smith, manufacturer and supplier of fine artists' materials, addresses this very important topic.

Using Art Materials Safely -- Daniel Smith provides advice specific to each medium.

Working with Solvents -- Daniel Smith gives tips for using solvents and describes the characteristics of those most commonly used.