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The Figure in Clay: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques by Master Artists

Nine ceramic artists share their insights into conceptualizing and sculpting figurative works.

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Carving Classic Female Faces in Wood

Artist Ian Norbury gives in-depth instruction on carving female faces, both adult and child, with step-by-step instructions and hundreds of full-color photographs.

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Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure

Goes beyond typical systematic instruction for recreating anatomical form.

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The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination...

Provides recipes, instruction and tips on how to apply a variety of patinas to several common metals.

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Sculpting the Figure in Clay

Easy-to-follow instructions and well illustrated examples for creating expressive and accurate figurative sculpture.

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Direct Stone Sculpture

Comprehensive how-to book with many detailed photographs that lead the reader through the hands-on experience of sculpting in stone.

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A Beginner's Guide to Kiln-Formed Glass

A guide to fusing, slumping & kiln-forming techniques.

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Sculpture Techniques, Lessons, Tutorials, and Resources

General Topics | Metal | Stone | Concrete | Wood | Clay | Glass


Maintaining A Healthy, Safe Studio -- Daniel Smith, manufacturer and supplier of fine artists' materials, addresses this very important topic.

International Sculpture Center -- Provides a wide range of resources. One of our favorites is the "Destinations" section which lets you know where you can go to see sculpture anywhere in the world.

Instructions for a First Plaster Project -- A simple tutorial for learning how to create a plaster sculpture.

Techniques of Sculpture -- Andrew Werby answers questions about modeling, carving, metalworking, casting, concrete, surface treatments and more.

Sculptor Resources -- The National Sculpture Society provides links to: equipment & materials, foundries, organizations, schools, and services. -- Lists resources related to sculpture on and off the internet; includes a sculptors' job search.

David Neat's Model-making -- David Neat, author of Model-making: Materials and Methods, shares his tips from years of working in the field of design model-making and small-scale sculpture. The site includes detailed descriptions of materials as well as a variety of step-by-step tutorials covering model-making, mouldmaking and casting, and other form-making techniques.

Plastics Resources -- Andrew Werby's list of resources for plastics supplies and information.

Sculpture Resources -- An impressive list of resources for sculpture supplies, materials, and information compiled by Andrew Werby.

Anne Cox's Assemblages -- An interview with Anne Cox, a sculptor who combines society's discarded debris to create expressive and symbolic assemblages of our culture's pressures, desires, and beliefs.

Smooth-On Product Tutorials -- Instructional videos and step-by-step photo tutorials for lifecasting, model making, concrete casting, sculpture projects, and more.


ArtMetal -- ArtMetal is the oldest and largest artistic metalworking site on the web. They are dedicated to the promotion and education of fine craftsmanship in all metal disciplines.

Metalworking Resources -- Andrew Werby's list of resources for metalworking supplies and information.


Stone Carving Tutorial -- Mark Carroll gives an overview of the most popular stones for carving, the hand tools and pneumatic tools used, and a brief course on stone carving techniques.

How to carve marble, limestone, soapstone and alabaster sculptures -- Shane Smith describes the techniques used in creating stone sculptures: carving, sanding, polishing, and mounting.

Stone Resources -- Andrew Werby's list of resources for stone supplies and information.


Concrete Sculpture -- Andrew Goss shares detailed guidelines and recipes for using portland cement concrete for small scale art projects.


Wood Carving Tutorial -- Mark Carroll gives an overview of the types of wood for carving, the tools used, and the techniques used in the wood carving process.

The Carving Path Tutorials -- The Carving Path forum posts wood carving tutorials from several different artists.

Woodworking Resources -- Andrew Werby's list of resources for woodworking supplies and information.

Woodworking Tidbits -- FAQs, reviews of tools, and more.

Sculpture in Wood -- Scroll down to "Tutorials" for Caril Chasens' advice on woodcarving.

NightWing Enterprises: Fine Art Wood Sculpture by Ray Cologon -- Cologon utilises precious and exotic woods to create exquisitely detailed turned and carved wood art. His work is evocative and timeless and explores metaphysical themes.

Figurative Wood Sculpture by Stefanie Rocknak -- Includes images of works in progress.

Woodcarving Tutorials -- Lora Irish provides free online tutorials and projects for wood carving.

Carving & Finishing Techniques for Wood Dolls -- Discussion of tools, techniques, and finishing.


Clay Sculpting Guide -- Peter Holland, an experienced professional ceramic artist and sculptor specialising in bone-china production, provides online lessons with step-by-step explanations of sculpting techniques.

Sculpting and Model Building with Polymer Clays -- Dan Perez provides sculpting advice and tips (see the Workshop page). The articles on Moldmaking & Casting are particularly thorough with lots of great pictures.

Tips and Techniques -- Katherine Dewey shares techniques for sculpting in polymer clay. The section on "Proportioning the Human Figure" is helpful for artists intersted in sculpting the figure.

Pottery Clay in Sculpting -- Andrew Werby dicusses ceramic pottery clay as a medium for sculpture, providing tips for creating armatures, firing the clay, and adding surface treatments such as glazes, underglazes, and overglazes.


Glass FAQs -- Frequently asked questions from the newsgroup.

Fusing Method -- Fusing rules and firing instructions from Delphi along with a list of supplies and resources.

Glass Resources -- Andrew Werby's list of resources for glass supplies and information.