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"Painting the Textures of Ireland"
August 26-31, 2018

Jacqueline Sullivan is a mixed media artist who pursues an element of adventure and discovery in her art seeking the truly unique. She experiments with all types of textures, paints and materials. In addition to her studio practice, Jacqueline loves teaching and inspiring creativity in others. Join us for a fabulous abstract painting class and excursion in the west of Ireland, as we focus our artists’ eyes on the stunningly beautiful countryside and rugged coastline for creative inspiration. We’ll study in depth the contrast and tonality of the various textures and colors of the rich landscape and historic structures. We’ll work in acrylics, using fluid acrylics and textural mediums to create both visual and actual textures.
Location: Ballina, Ireland
Instructor: Jacqueline Sullivan,
Cost: $2,945 Shared, $3,445 Single
Sponsor: Arts & Cultural Travel
Website, email, 617-855-9209

"Paint Ireland with Watercolor Artist Angela Fehr"
September 10-15, 2018

What could be more of a dream come true for an artist than to paint the world? Join watercolor artist Angela Fehr for a destination workshop focused on growing your watercolor skills while exploring the scenery and villages of Ireland. This six-day workshop combines sightseeing and painting, as we explore Ireland; taking in the beauty of the natural landscape and historic sites in half-day tours, sketching en plein air on occasion, then returning to the studio to paint our impressions of what we’ve experienced through loose, intuitive painting focused on personal expression and heartfelt emotion. Join us in this cultural, historic and creative wonderland of coastal cliffs and postcard-perfect countryside.
Location: Ballina, Ireland
Instructor: Angela Fehr,
Cost: $3,125 Shared, $3,625 Single
Sponsor: Arts & Cultural Travel
Website, email, 617-855-9209

"Plein Air Painting in Donegal, Ireland with Joe Sweeney"
October 15-19, 2018

Join Joseph Sweeney on a plein air painting getaway in scenic Donegal, Ireland, homeland of Joe’s ancestors, the Mac Sweeney’s! Located along the breathtaking, unspoiled northwest coast of Ireland, Donegal’s high sea cliffs in offer sweeping vistas ideal for plein air painting! Draw and paint historic Donegal Castle, the spectacular Slieve League Cliffs, and St. John’s Point Lighthouse with instruction focusing on oil, acrylic, and pastel; experienced watercolorists also welcome. Accommodations will be provided by the wonderful Castle Murray House (additional cost).
Location: Donegal, Ireland
Instructor: Joseph Sweeney
Cost: For Credit: $1425, Non-Credit: $795
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Website, email, 215-972-7632

"Plein Air Artist Retreat: Ireland with Hilary McCarthy"
June 9-14, 2019

If you’ve ever lusted after emerald countryside spilling over rocky cliffs and into a gray Irish sea, we’ve found your place. Your home away from home for six blissful days. Immerse yourself in the location and record your journey and time spent in this special place. In this workshop, the beautiful and mysterious landscape of the Irish coast will be our muse and inspire our paintings. We will be learning the formal elements of plein air painting in oil. Color mixing, color theory, value importance, and atmosphere will be discussed. We will focus on learning the anatomy of the sea and how to paint waves, foam, light reflections.
Location: Westport, Ireland
Instructor: Hilary Robin McCarthy,
Cost: $3,795 Shared, $4,195 Single
Sponsor: Arts & Cultural Travel
Website, email, 617-855-9209


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