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"Alteristas; There's No place Like Home"
August 31 - September 3, 2017

Altarista’s are expressions of faith, art, and cultural heritage, with each one conveying the experience of its maker. In this workshop, we will explore the Sacred Altar as Art. Using various glass and mixed media techniques, we will create imagery and symbols close to our hearts, our memories, and the significance of our personal homes and heritage. Whether you gain strength, comfort, or inspiration from your experience of home, you can convey your story of the power of home by creating your own sacred altar space. We’ll be taking it to the next level, beyond just the printed image, to create mood, genre, and emotion. This workshop covers it all from concept creation to the final mounting.
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Instructor: Gail Stouffer & Alice Benvie-Gebhart
Cost: $995
Sponsor: Jen-Ken Kilns
Website, email, 800-329-5456

"Achieving the Freedom of Brushstroke"
November 13-15, 2017

3 day Watercolor: Painting Landscape - Studio. What is required to quit tight illustrative coloring which is a trademark of beginners and start painting like a pro? All of this and many other techniques will be the subject of this intensive workshop. You are going to learn how to mix and apply watercolors without fear of being inaccurate. Vlad will show you the shortcuts to the path when every brushstroke applied is significant in its impact on the viewer. He will show you the importance of one detail above the other and therefore how to be selective in your painting process.
Location: Ft. Myers, Florida
Instructor: Vladislav Yeliseyev
Cost: $315/$355
Sponsor: Ft. Myers Beach Art Association
Website, email

"3 day Watercolor: Painting Landscape"
December 12-14, 2017

The main focus of this workshop is Vlad's theory of 3 stages and 3 colors which are the core of his upcoming DVD "Watercolor Impressions". Subjects: How to add striking details to make your painting seem alive. How to paint the essence of old medieval European towns.
Location: Palm Beach, Florida
Instructor: Vladislav Yeliseyev
Cost: $320/$360
Sponsor: Palm Beach Watercolor Society
Website, email, 561-498-3605


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